Learn More About Farm to School Initiatives

Here are some great links to learn more about farm to school initiatives:

The Northeast Wisconsin Farm to School Initiative – This is an initiative spear-headed by the Chilton School Districts’ Food Service Director, Diane Chapeta: http://www.chilton.k12.wi.us/attachments/349_NEW%20Farm%20to%20School%20brochure%20-%20PDF.pdf

Wisconsin Homegrown Lunch – A group out of Madison that provides many resources for educators, food service directors, and how to relate farm to school programs in a school districts’ Wellness Policy:  http://www.reapfoodgroup.org/farmtoschool/nationalcontext.shtml

The National Farm to School Network – A national website with a multitude to resources and evidence of the importance of farm to school programs:http://www.farmtoschool.org/

The University of Minnesota Extension Farm to School toolkit – An amazing toolkit for getting a farm to school program started in a school district.  They seem to have overturned every stone.  http://www.mn-farmtoschool.umn.edu/

Thanks Carrie!

One response to “Learn More About Farm to School Initiatives

  1. NEW farm to School now has a website.
    Please add
    to your page.

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