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Because we are a citizen action group we have no formal office or contact information.  Currently you can contact the web administrator at if you have a question, comment, or local food event or business that you would like us to share with the public.  We also have a Yahoo group titled Sheboygan Area Local Food Alliance. You are welcome to attend our meetings that are open to the public.  They are held on the first Monday of the month at 6 PM at the Weather Center Cafe at 809 Riverfront Dr. in Sheboygan.  Please refer to the Calendar of Upcoming Events for more information. We hope to see you there!


6 responses to “Contact us

  1. Exciting to see this website getting started. I look forward to more!
    Thanks Sarah!

  2. Yes – I look forward to more too! Could I offer a suggestion? Lots of people (me included) love getting fresh veggies from the farmers’ markets and CSAs but I will be the first to admit I need some inspiration for good recipes. At our house we make green smoothies and eat things raw, but I’m not much of a chef, so if you included recipes or other ideas I would certainly try some of them. Just a thought…thanks for doing this!

  3. Yes recipes are a great idea. We can add them here and if you are in the Sheboygan area come to the winter farmers market where there will be cooking demonstrations to inspire prepartion of local fresh food.

    So today I made scrambled eggs, for dinner. It was simple and yummy. I added spinach, some homemade tomato sauce and a little cheese. It was a perfect nutritious easy quick dinner.

  4. Mary Liz Towne


    I am looking for a contact person so that our Christian Service board my send a funding application for this funding cycle. This organization was suggested as a possibility for our funding outreach. Please send your contact (snail mail) to me and I will forward to the appropriate contact at First Congregational Church.

  5. Hello,
    My name is Karen Robison, and I am a charter school teacher at Etude in Sheboygan.
    We are working with a spectrum of charter schools K-12 next year to have healthy, and to some degree, vegetarian lunches for students. Yes, instead of NOT as an addition to regular school lunches. We are fighting the tater tots and mini corn dog norm. How can we work together? Please contact me with ideas or information on your work with the SASD. I don’t want to step on toes or repeat what you have already done.
    Karen Robison

    • Good morning,

      Aside from supporting Sequoia’s Farm to School initiative, and trying to raise awareness of the poor quality of school lunches through our film series last winter, we haven’t had any formal contact with the SASD, so you certainly wouldn’t be stepping on toes or repeating anything we’ve done. I would note, however, that many of us are interested in whole foods as promoted by Sally Fallon and Dr. Weston A. Price and would like to see grassfed beef and pastured chicken offered to students, a vegetarian diet is not our priority. We are a very loose group with no formal membership and after a summer-long hiatus are trying merely to get the group back together, which may or may not happen.



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