Speakers Available

Speakers Available

SALFA members and their affiliates are available to provide presentations and facilitate discussions on a variety of local food issues. Below are topics and formats that we have presented in the past and we can sometimes create a program for your event or organization. There is nofee for these presentations but free will donations are appreciated and are tax deductable. Each of these presentations can last from 45 to 90 minutes. To arrange for a speaker/s contact:  salfalliance@gmail.com

Local Food: What is it? and Where do I find it? This presentation can include a SALFA member as well as farmers and producers who can offer an overview of local food choices and resources. Questions will be encouraged. A short film is often shared as part of this presentation.

Panel Discussion We put together a panel of farmers, local food producers and consumers and they discuss pertinent local food issues. This offers an opportunity to hear a variety of views on different topics. A moderator will help keep the discussion focused and will ask questions along with the audience. This is a fun and engaging way to learn about your local food system.

Local Food on Budget This is a fun, informative and engaging power point presentation. During this program participants are offered tips on how to eat healthy and local while maintaining a budget. They are also offered many opportunities to think differently about food and what it should cost. Questions will be entertained throughout the presentation and also at the end. A resource list will be provided.

Sustainable Agriculture The lecture begins by placing the industrial agricultural paradigm in an historical and ecological perspective.  Then we define sustainable agriculture and subsequently look at alternatives to the industrial paradigm.   Lastly we consider some ethics behind being consumers and eaters, since this is the role that all of us play.


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