Local Food and Sustainability Film Series

The Sheboygan Area Local Food Alliance is proud to announce our Local Food and Sustainability Film Series!  Many people have worked really hard to make this series a reality. We are hosting these FREE (freewill donations are gratefully accepted) films at Paradigm Coffee and Music.  Doors will open at 5:30pm and the movies will start at 6:30pm.  Our current lineup is:

Monday, January 25th Two Angry Moms

run time:90 min


Monday, February 22nd: Fresh the Movie


Monday, March 29th: Big River & Polycultures

Big River website Polycultures website

Monday, April 26th: Mad City Chickens


Tuesday, May 25th: Food, Inc.

@ Kohler Arts Center 6:00pm


There will be a question and answer following the film and time alloted for discussion afterward. For more information on this series, or to become a sponsor, please contact us at salfalliance@gmail.com.

9 responses to “Local Food and Sustainability Film Series

  1. I just found out about SALFA thru a friend’s email notice about the upcoming movie series.

    I look forward to becoming more involved. 🙂

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  3. Hi Kari! Happy to have you visit us. Look forward to meeting you at the movie.

  4. looking forward to seeing the movie monday. this will be a great series…

  5. This is wonderful. I would love to attend but have a class until 6:45. Can the time move back 15 min. – 1/2 hr.?

  6. Hi Shawn,
    Not sure if you attended on Monday or not, but do attend the other films and know we are usually offering an introduction before the movie so you probably will not miss much if you show up a little late.

  7. Stacey Richter

    My kids and I loved the Mad City Chickens documentary. Now they are begging for chickens. They already had names picked out before we got to the car! If anyone has more information for us that would be awesome. Did anyone know if the couple who spoke gave out their email or any other information? Or does anyone else have backyard chicken experience? I think it would be a good idea for my kids and I to visit some backyard chickens before we commit. Thanks, Stacey

    • The woman who presented her real-life local experiences with chickens is Dana Coopman. You can reach her at danacoopman@charter.net.

      Good luck! I see that the latest issues of Grit Magazine and Organic Gardening both have city-raised chickens on their covers, there is a lot of interest in this!

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