SALFA’s Goals

SALFA encourages, supports, and promotes broader access to local food resources.

  • Advocating that food stamps are eligible for the farmer’s market
  • Supporting the creation of a local food broker to connect food surplus and need
  • Promote healthy local food that is affordable to the community
  • Identify current local food providers and resources for the community
  • Support the establishment of a local food coop with a certified kitchen
  • Support and promote the establishment of local Community Gardens


SALFA takes a leadership role in educating the community about the usage and access to local foods.

  • Providing education to individuals regarding fresh food preparation and storage
  • Providing education regarding the superior economic and nutritional value of locally grown foods, especially to middle and lower income families.
  • Connect the community with a central list of food growers and providers
  • Promoting the locavore pledge
  • Advocating outreach to farmers and restaurant owners to choose local sustainable options
  • Publicize the economic benefits of accessing and using local foods for the community and the household
  • Establishing clear access to locally grown foods to the community, especially low income families.
  • Advocating for increased cultural diversity and cultural competence in local food choices
  • Advocating for healthy soil and plant management practices including avoiding the use of pesticides and herbicides

SALFA seeks to establish a stronger and sustainable local food system for the community and change how the community and citizens view their food system.

  • Advocating for local foods in schools
  • Participating in policy development and change in government
  • Establishing a funding source for a safety net for families in need
  • Promote the awareness of the Farm-Table-Pantry-Compost-Recycle System
  • Ensures the community’s access to affordable, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food for all people at all times. (adapted from


SALFA promotes raising awareness of and establishing local food security for the Sheboygan Area.

  • Develop self-reliance among the community in obtaining their food and to create a system of growing, manufacturing, processing, making available, and selling food that is regionally based. (adapted from
  • Provide outreach to work towards household food security, i.e.: when a family does not live in hunger or fear of starvation (adapted from
  • Protect Community Garden spaces
  • Protect local farming through advocacy and support of buying direct from the farm

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