Support Farm to School! Volunteer at Earthfest!

Mary Diamond (Farm to School Initiative): and she lists her cell phone number for people to contact her at: 920-838-4250

Below is Mary Diamond’s original e-mail to the “Goodside Grocery folks” and “others” for help at a table at Earthfest promoting fresh school snacks for kids and promoting school lunches.

Greetings Goodside Grocery Folks!
Rhie called me the other day to ask if I would be willing to help out at Earth Fest August 21 & or 22 this year?  Silly question, really.  What civic-minded, earth-conscious sentient being WOULDN’T want to volunteer to keep such a wonderful Sheboygan tradition humming along joyfully?  So I volunteered to staff a table featuring local, organic, inexpensive, nutritious, tasty snacks parents can pack into their school lunches.  After Rhie shared her enthusiastic positive feedback, and hung up, I realized I was going to need a little help from my friends (or soon to be friends) to pull this off.  Hence my email.  Would any of you be able, or know anyone who would be able to provide me with;

  • Quick & easy recipes
  • Snack samples
  • Time promoting local school lunches at Earth Fest

Or all of the above?

I’m still looking for my mailing lists for other interested groups  so feel free to forward this email to anyone you want.
My cell # is 920-838-4250

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