Salfa Wants You!

As we discussed during our last meeting, it’s time to consider creating some kind of leadership structure for Salfa, particularly if we want to eventually move toward our own 501(3)(c) status. Several of us determined that at this point in our evolution we probably don’t have enough people in our small group interested in running for office, so have concluded that a nonhierarchical leadership committee could be formed to help Salfa move forward and build on the success of our film program. The committee’s primary responsibility is to oversee the purpose, plans and policies of Salfa, consistent with our stated objectives. (see under “Salfa’s Goals” )

The first things the committee will need to concentrate on are planning for programming , fundraising, and on developing membership.

We will be forming this committee at the next meeting, Monday evening at 6 PM on April 5. Please give some thought to volunteering your time.

2 responses to “Salfa Wants You!

  1. Where is this meeting being held?

    Thank you!

  2. The newly forming SALFA steering committee will begin meeting next Monday April
    19th. This committee will be looking at long term goals/projects as well as
    establishing membership guidelines/goals and a structure in which the
    organization can continue to grow and function. We will be guided by the mission
    as well as goals and objectives that have been set up by the larger group and
    will consult the larger community at regular monthly meetings. That said, we are
    still open to folks who would like to play a part in this vital process for
    SALFA to join us on April 19th at Woodlake Market at 6pm. If you have questions
    or input feel free to contact me or post here on the yahoo group. Otherwise do
    continue to join us at the all important monthly meetings, next one May 3rd
    (6pm) at the Weather Center Cafe

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