Sheboygan Farm to School Initiative to hold Meeting

Hey Everyone,

On Behalf of the Sheboygan Farm to School Initiative, heres where we are at right now:

We are looking for wonderful people to who are commited to putting time into organizing Farm to School and making it happen in Sheboygan. If you are interested in the organization of Farm to School, please email me at to join the Sheboygan Farm to Schools Main Committee. Our Main Committee will be in charge of planning Sheboygan Farm to School program; e.g. having a school gardening and serving local produce, setting short and long term goals, get together an edible presentation together for the superintendent ect. Main Farm to School Committee meeting: Thursday, January 17th at 1:30 pm at Paradigm Cafe (Sheboygan, 8th and St. Clair)! Please email if you are going to attend.

For others who can contribute in other ways, we will also be forming subcommittees. If you or someone you know would like to contribute in other ways please email me!

Thank you,

Sequoia Virgin

One response to “Sheboygan Farm to School Initiative to hold Meeting

  1. Sequoia and all,
    Here is a link to a blog about a project in Viroqua, WI where they are getting gleaned food left in farmers fields to rot, for low income folks as well as the Farm to School Project. I was thinking about how one challenge in all of this is financial. So if the produce were free, just needing hands to pick, perhaps that would remove one barrier. Just more food for thought.

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