Farm to School Update

A Sheboygan Farm to School working group was formed under the leadership of Sequoia Virgin, a student at Etude High School.  Its first meeting was last week and was spent discussing goals and getting to know one another.  SALFA is proud to support this group and their efforts to bring healthy, local food to area children through our public schools.  A separate page on this site will be dedicated exclusively to this group to help keep everyone up to date and to disseminate information to the larger Sheboygan population.  For now, here are copies of two emails sent to the yahoo group:

From Carrie:

Hi all,

On behalf of the group that met on Tuesday night (I’ll call the Sheboygan Farm-to-School Working Group), we probably want to continue the conversation by getting some sub-committees organized? I’m planning to attend a Sheboygan School Board meeting (hopefully) in January and
will need some support to do so.

***We are looking for a couple of people to chair a parent committee and educator/administrator committee to support and stand behind the Sheboygan Farm-to-School Initiative. From my  perspective (others please chime in) the chairpersons’ roles would include:

1. Create a list of supporters from the respective groups. Forming a petition is probably a good idea.

2. Attend and organize others to attend necessary meetings (school board, working group, etc) as there is strength in numbers.

3. Speak or find someone appropriate to speak at meetings to represent respective groups.

***We’re also looking for someone or a few to research the logistics behind actually creating a viable Farm-to-School program. I am willing to help out with this effort, but think that another person would make the task more manageable.

Anyone interested? Or know of someone who might be interested?

From Sequoia:

Our presentation to Sheboygan Schools Central Office will have to include kitchen location, what farmers would like to participate, our meal plan and a lot of other stuff that will take along time to get together. I am going to make a film (it’s also part of a school project) that includes all of our plans and we can present it to the Central Office as our proposal. My deadline for this is May 2010.

Their is a Grant School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meeting in January. We’d like to have the agenda be on the Farm to School program, also Diane Chapeta (founder of the Norheast Wisconsin Farm to School) may do a presentation for the January (PTO) meeting.I’ll get back to everyone about that.

As far as allies go, the Sheboygan Charter School administrator and principle of Etude High School, Ted Hamm, will bring in all the School Board people he can that are on our side to our presentation. Once Etude becomes a full day school, they will have to offer lunch to the students so Etude and an elementary school could work together in the Farm to School program. Etude could also provide the kitchen.

Also, Diane Chapeta will be working with us to create a Farm to School program that fits our community best.


Diane Chapeta has been working with area schools in the northeast Wisconsin region for several years with great success.  We are very lucky to have her help on this important project. As you can see from the emails, there is much that needs to be done just to get this project off the ground.  Please consider volunteering your time or efforts to make this project a success!

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